tiistai 23. elokuuta 2016

maanantai 22. elokuuta 2016

Into & Vimma on muuttanut!

Tässä kesän loppuessa iski muutosinnostus.
Into & Vimma on muuttanut ja uusinut nimensäkin.
Uusi nimi on 

Floral Passions

- kukistahan minä enimmäkseen postaan!
Ja osoite

Toivottavasti te rakkaat blogikaverini löydätte tienne sinne!

When the autumn is approaching I wanted some change.
Into & Vimma has moved and changed its name.
The new name is 

Floral Passions

- for I post mainly about florals and flowers.
The address is

I so hope that you my dear blog friends find your way also there!

See you at Floral Passions!

lauantai 20. elokuuta 2016

Summer - Our Beautiful World

SUMMER is the OBW topic this Sunday, chosen by Ros. 
Now that the summer is coming to its end, a few thoughts of its meaning to me:

Warm & sunny days
Strawberries & ice cream
Sunbaths & relaxing 
Staying outdoors from morning till night
Garden & Flowers 

I'll share with you some mosaics from this summer. Hope you enjoy!

Details from my Farewell to Summer Bouquet
Linking with 

The next Sunday's topic is  SUNLIGHT.
Come and join us and have fun!


Maggie's Mosaic Monday

Happy end of August!
Mukavaa elokuun loppua!